You Are Your Thoughts

Right now, this very minute, the real you is a the perfect specimen of what you’re thinking you are. Every single thought you have in your brain is a reflection of what you Believe, Feel & Receive about and of yourself.  That is true of every single human on Earth.  That’s a huge statement to make, but it’s true. No one else can put thoughts into your  brain.  Only you can allow what’s going on in there. You are your thoughts. What’s  allowed in is what comes out.   

It Can Be Puzzling

Did you know:

  • Your brain has enough power, literally electricity, to light a light bulb?   Point being, YOU are powerful beyond belief.
  • You have approximately 70,000 thoughts per day?  What do you think about you?
  • You have blood equaling 3 cans of soda pulsing through your brain every minute?
  • You have 100 billion brain cells?

Our human brain is the most intricate & complex organ we have.  Now, given all of those statistics & the amazing information, you would think we would treat what we allow to go in there…with great care.  Thoughts can equal happiness, sadness, productivity, laziness, wellness, sickness, every single thought has an effect on you.  Yes, even the thoughts you have of others.  Those can be the most influential of all and theirs of us.  I’m not referring to LOA.  I’m referring to: I want you to care about how you feel:)

Meat & Potato’s

I wanted to share the textbook/scientific info with you because it’s interesting, but it also sets a premise of the tools we have at our disposal.  I don’t want us to take this for granted. God blessed us with great power when he gifted us with this thinking brain. I, over many years of study and introspective thoughts have been able to clean up my thinking, have peace & clarity and a good amount of thought over what I let go in there.  Trash in, trash out…it’s true.  The meat and potatoes of this blog is first and foremost, being interactive.  I want to hear from you, let us compare thoughts, ideas and learn from one another.  It’s all about making lives better and if we are happier our relationships, life experiences & choice making will be the best of the best!!!  Teaching our children from a young age to realize their thoughts are vitally important to themselves and everyone else.

Believe Feel Receive
You’re As Unique As Your Thoughts

We are going to:

  • Learn what we think about-being mindful of what we allow in-Observe                                                                                                                        
  • Learning to be aware of our thoughts and how to prevent the ones we don’t want-physical & emotional abuse, lack of guidance/addictions-Awareness
  • Learning why we may have those thoughts and deal with the Pain Causing Agents-specificity as to the cause & forgiving and/or letting goClarity
  • Learn to think on purpose-thinking positive, uplifting and healing thoughts-Intention
  • Learning to think one thought at a time-no more mindless chatter-this was HUGE for me-Organization


Learning Together Weekly

Each week I will share information with you regarding one of the above topics which are in italics. Observe, Awareness, Clarity, Intention & Organization.  We’ll define it,  provide real life examples of what happened when I experienced the good and bad of that topic.(I have a bunch)  I want to provide quotes, stories or spiritual supporting documentation that has helped me realize my worth of healing, being the Happy Camper that I am and setting my focus on my intentions was HUGE for me. Writing them down reinforces the continuity of my intentions. Here is a Free Intentions Download for you.  By no means am I a scholar nor professional author. So bear with me on the literary content.  I’m just another source of learning how to think clearly. From  sharing with my friends, sharing of books(Dyer, Zukav, Chopra) and media, my life has improved 75%.  My worrying, anxiety, repetitious thoughts, thinking about what others think of me…just doesn’t happen much anymore. I know, I know, you’re thinking sure lady…I bet.  Honestly, it’s true and if you have a desire to clean up your thoughts, learn to be honest with yourself and realize you’re worthy of having peace & clarity…take a deep cleansing breath, believe, feel & receive all you have been gifted with and realize it’s time for you to OPEN your many presents.   You deserve to think good thoughts and learn to prevent others unhappiness from invading your thoughts. It’s not easy, not a fast fix, but it worked for me and I feel fantastic!


  I ask  you to share with our group or just with me, if possible. One thing I realized was when I would speak out loud of a situation or a feeling I was trying to work through, sometimes I saw things so clearly that I didn’t see before. I was able to answer my own questions. Talk about therapeutic and healing.  Wow..I’m excited to be able to share some of my, as Oprah would say, AH-HA moments.   My direct confidential email  is below→Click Chat Here. There is also a comment area at the end of the blog of the week which is  available for venting & sharing.  You can share however you feel most comfortable and I will respond.  This is a group effort and the more the mightier:)

You know what works for one person doesn’t work for all, but sometimes one little glimmer of  “Ah-Ha” is all it takes for someone to follow through with their journey of learning new ways to think & heal.           **Please use the website guide in the top menu**

Let’s get acquainted by email:  Chat Here   

Sharing & Learning
  • Jennifer

    I found your post very interesting. I’ve been doing a bit of “work” on myself as well and have read and listened to lot on the subject of our thoughts. It is very true what you say about “trash in, trash out.” I’ve found it especially true in the early morning when I first awake to be mindful of the thoughts that first pop into my head. They tend to be the “trendsetters” for the thoughts to follow, lol. Thank you for the Intentions Download as well, I think it’s a great starting point for anyone, especially those that may be new to this whole process. I look forward to reading your future works!:)

  1. Susie

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks so much for your interest and input. Can you imagine if 1 out of ten people actually listened to their thoughts and acted accordingly…how much happier we’d all be and the fun we’d have…This world goes 90 miles a minute and it’s just so easy to get caught up in it. I know….I did it most of my life…
    Thanks again and Happy Thoughts !!!!

  • gord

    “The faith of a mustard seed” they said, always mystified me. The question for me has always been “how do I change what I believe?” Interesting about the amount of blood and the electricity of the brain…Makes me think I’d better eat right and get some exercise too! Keep that brain healthy.

    1. Susie


      Hello & Thanks so much for chatting with us.

      You know the bottom line for me finally became….is what I’m doing making me happy, is it good for me and mine and then ask…am I lying to myself?  I literally use to have to ask that lying part because we all have a tendency to overlook some areas we’d rather not face.  Make sense?  Changing anything takes conscious thought, intention and follow thru with “repetition”.  No one can do it for us. we have to give all we can but make sure to not turn it into a job. Life can be an absolute blast and so much fun and interesting too:)

      There is no set rule or design that will work for everyone, but being truly happy & healthy is the beginning of a pretty darn good life!!!

      Thanks Again and Have a Great Day!!


  • Orion

    Hello there,
    Although short article I like what you wrote very much. You are your thoughts describes some of the great truth about the brain. I would add that you become what you think about which is a statement most philosophers agree on. As you state with all these facts about the brain there must be a great reason why it exists and why it is said that we only ever use 3% of our brain.
    Why would you think only 3 %? curious about your view
    thanks for the articles

    1. admin


      Thank you so much for your comments and in response to the 3% usage of our gifted minds…I truly believe from the day we’re born…restrictions are put in place. I realize we have to teach our children to be cautious and aware of good, bad, pain etc., but if they’re not allowed to experience different elements, curiosities and if they aren’t made aware of the “outside” world…how can they know of the arts, differing societies and the worth of them to everyone and especially the spiritual aspects of growth that lead to even more meaningful supernatural experiences.Even in 2017..societies boxed in, set in stone boundaries. I could get on my soap box..LOL but serious..

      Again, thank you and look forward to chatting again:)

      Good Day,


  • Wayne

    Yes, our brain is the most amazing organ. You are right on it is the most complex and intricate organ ever. I know there were times in my past when I would go several days in a state of deep depression. I would have to force myself out of my funk, so to speak. You do control your thoughts. I try to keep my thoughts on the positive side of things. Allow good thoughts in to keep a happy outlook on the world.

    1. admin

      Hi Wayne,

      Yes, our mind is complex and wondrous!!!  Depression is a tough, tough problem and kudos to you for recognizing and dealing head on(no pun implied) with it!!! So many people aren’t able to do this.

      I talk to my Source throughout the day for strength. I enjoy nature and have a little place in my home where I can sit, meditate and enjoy peace.  I have been blessed with a level of peace I never knew was possible:)  Thanks so much for sharing as it helps others realize they’re not alone and it’s cathartic too!!

      So, seize the day, smile and laugh….be Thankful:)


  • Michael

    I know you said you’re not referring to the law of attraction, but it does remind me of the teachings from the law of attraction. What you think about you bring about, or you are what you imagine yourself to be. I’ve learned a lot about releasing negative thoughts, being more aware of my thoughts, and practicing positive thinking through the Law of Attraction teachings. Very interesting topic and informative. Thank you for the intentions download by the way, very good tool to use! =)

    All the best,


    1. admin

      HI Michael,

      Yes it does sound like LOA, but that’s not the basis for my writing on the “thoughts” subject. I know so many people think they’re thinking, but not really thinking about thinking at all.  It’s an auto pilot mode and if we can rethink with clarity we can reach our goals and desires with much more enjoyment and filter out some of the not so good choices along the way. At least it really helped me regain insight.

      I know when I was going 90 miles per minute I thought…I thought, but I was going through the motions and that’s what I want to focus on changing.

      You’re so welcome for the download and I’ll have several more:)

      Peace & Clarity Michael,


  • GabrielGrey

    Hello, I hope you are doing great.

    This was an awesome article to sit down and read, and it was a very nice reminder to myself to stay conscious to the thoughts that I have, for they truly hold a lot of power.

    Awareness is definitely needed or things can get out of control very fast!

    1. Susie

      HI Gabriel,

      Yes, we wonder how we get into certain situations sometimes.  I know I do.  Thanks so much for your input.  How can we help others to remember this though?

      Clarity & Peace to you,


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